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Great Teaching and Learning


Great Teaching and Learning addresses the changing educational landscape in relation to the impact of neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The pace of change has prompted an international re-evaluation of how well existing education systems equip young people for the future. Central to this re-evaluation is a fusion between the classroom and online learning to create stimulating sequences of learning to both challenge and inspire.Great Teaching and Learning provides a detailed overview of evidence-based practice across five major elements, knowledge, questions, elaboration, feedback and challenge. Firstly, enhancing teachers' knowledge of evidence based scholarship, Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK), neuroscience and the skills of highly effective teachers. Secondly, the power of questions to drive high standards by guiding, checking and extending learning. Thirdly, the ability to develop and elaborate learning through a rich mix of teacher led direct instruction, collaborative and online learning. A significant consideration here is the opportunity to develop and build key employability skills. Fourthly, the motivational impact of personalised target setting and feedback offering timely support and acceleration as appropriate. Finally, the challenge to develop a learning culture that values every learner, stirs curiosity, enthuses, builds self-belief and promotes creative thinking. Great teaching and Learning not only presents the theory but a wealth of practical teaching, learning and assessment strategies to adopt or adapt.

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