Diamond Lesson Plan

The diamond lesson plan encapsulates in a memorable way the key elements of great lessons and reflects the research conclusions of Professor John Hattie's research, Rosenshine's seventeen principles of effective practice and the Sutton Trust's research on, 'What makes great teaching.' It also fully reflects Ofsted Grade One standards and Professional Standards. It is not a fixed formula or template. A whole lesson may be devoted to recap, or exposition or an active learning group task etc. Whereas each diamond highlights an aspect of great practice they do not all have to be present within the same lesson or presented in the same order. The choice is yours. To help you explore the Diamond lesson take advantage of the following downloads.

Diamond Lesson Plan

Gain an overview description of each diamond.

Diamond Lesson Plan and Ofsted Outstanding

Discover how the Diamond Lesson Plan links to Ofsted outstanding practice.

Diamond Lesson Plan Academic Evidence

Discover the links with academic evidence based research into effective practice.