Learning Plan

Learning Plan

The traditional Scheme of Work grid is perhaps well past its sell-by-date for 21st Century learning. Consider instead a Learning Plan to promote independent learning and to underpin the introduction of Flipped or Blended learning. The Learning Plan also dovetails well with the Big Picture Lesson plan by setting key questions which can easily be carried forward into the classroom.

A Learning Plan is very straightforward and consists of a two page 'Year Planner' and a two page 'Learning Plan'. The 'Year Planner' identifies the key topics for the year or term ahead and for each key topic listed a separate Learning Plan provides the topic detail. Issue the Learning Plans to your learners as you approach each topic and draw them into rich, full participation.

Promoting online learning

The completed Learning Plans are an excellent first planning step towards Flipped or Blended learning approaches. Once uploaded onto a VLE the headings can become clickable and eventually the paper version may fade away and the end result will be fully electronic Learning Plans. Either way they strongly underpin the promotion of independent learning.

Explore the examples provided in the downloads below and examine the completion notes for more detailed guidance. The downloads are all in Word rather than PDFs so you can edit them as wished. You are free to adopt or adapt as wished ( for non-commercial use) but do let me know how you get on by linking with me on Linkedin.