Powerpoint Visual Timers

Simple countdown timers lack creativity so download for free the following set of bright visual timers for Powerpoint.

Instructions for use
Save the downloaded file to your hard drive or perhaps to desktop where it may be easier to locate and is immediately accessible during lessons. You will receive a zipfile format. Simply click to open and click on the timer selected. There is no need to open in Powerpoint because the file will automatically open Powerpoint for you. Depending how fast your computer this this will take a few seconds. The timers are fixed and the times cannot be altered to protect them from adjustments that might compromise their appearance or functionality. However you can control time by simply pressing your back and forward keys to either slow down or speed up. The length of each timer is specified on the previous page alongside the thumbnail of each timer. Should you ever encounter a password box simply click on 'read only' to access. When ready to run place your cursor over the Collegenet logo and click once. Some of the timers may not appear to operate at first ( like the Sunflower) but if you wait they will whereas others will burst into life immediately like, as the name suggests, Cascade. Press escape to exit at any time.


Powerpoint Visual Timers

Eclipse is our simplest timer technically but it offers a captivating visual image. Watch the dark moon gradually move over the face of the sun until full eclipse occurs - marking time is up.

Eclipse is a ten minute timer.

Eclipse Timer Download


Powerpoint Visual Timers

At first the balloon will not appear to do anything but gradually it will rise up the screen and once it touches the pin it will burst and time is up.

Burst is a ten minute timer

Burst Timer Download


Powerpoint Visual Timers

Watch a constant flow of coloured blocks tumble down the screen and once they fill up the box to the level of the red line - time is up.

Cascade is an eight minute timer

Cascade Timer Download


Powerpoint Visual Timers

At first there is no movement and you will think nothing is going to happen. But it is night time and the more observant will notice that the dark sky gradually gets lighter as the dawn approaches. Watch the sun rise and as it rises the sunflower will grow from the flower pot. When all of the sunflower petals open wide time is up.

This is a 20 minute timer

Sunflower Timer Download

Grand Maze

Powerpoint Visual Timers

A very large and complex maze for the ball to slow wind its way through, hitting blind alleys but gradually negotiating passage through to the exit signalling time is up.

Grand Maze is a 12 minute timer

Grand Maze Timer Download


Powerpoint Visual Timers

The 'clockface' timer is a two minute timer to give thinking time in question and answer and other 'speed' activities. Each segment of the clockface will turn red to represent the passage of time. When the entire clockface turns red time is up.

The timer is fixed on three minutes but clearly you can also use it as one minute or a two minute timer.

Countdown Timer Download


Powerpoint Visual Timers

A blank screen fills with a blizzard of tiny dots and as the dots slow down many will begin to settle and gradually the words 'Time is Up' will appear. When you realise that each dot is individually programed you will not be surprised that this is our most technically challenging timer that took hundreds of hours to perfect.

Matrix is a fourteen minute timer.

Matrix Timer Download


Powerpoint Visual Timers

A less elaborate version of the Grand maze but still intriguing as the ball finds its way through the maze to the exit.

This is a two minute timer.

Maze Timer Download


Powerpoint Visual Timers

The first few seconds of this timer is visually arresting when a series of different geometrical shapes rush onto the screen. Gradually the shapes will rotate and move around the screen and when they all settle the words, 'time is up' will appear.

Rotation is a twenty minute timer

Rotation Timer Download

Shooting Stars

Powerpoint Visual Timers

A dark night sky and ten bright stars dominate the screen. At one minute intervals each star will turn red and shoot off the screen giving a simple but highly effective countdown timer. When all ten stars have departed time is up.

This is a ten minute timer.

Stars Timer Download