Take advantage of our regular updates on significant aspects of teaching, learning and assessment. They are free to print and distribute to your staff as wished. Each issue is composed of four A4 pages and we recommend printing in a neat circular format. Simply print back to back on stiff white paper to yield a title page, two inner pages and a back page. Use to promote discussion with your staff teams and to agree your own team teaching and learning strategies. Future updates will be increasingly presented as Powerpoint slides for easier sharing and presentations.

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Great Teachers


Gain an immediate overview of the significant factors underpinning great teaching, learning and assessment. The five major themes of knowledge, questions, analysis, feedback and challenge summarise well the most recent educational research evidence. Ensure your teaching teams reflect upon and…

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Applying Ofsted 2019

over the past decade, in particular, although in the case of the Pedagogical Content Knowledge…

Time for a challenge

A lack of challenge for learners is a regular theme in Ofsted inspection reports. The…

Great teaching not great teachers

The personalisation of teaching is very common. Speaking at the Global Teacher award ceremony in…

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Progress Observation 2016


The major focus of Ofsted inspections is on the progress made by each individual student. We need to remember that we do not teach classes. We teach individuals. Our energy must be focussed on lifting each student forward from…

Generation Z Update 2015


There are a variety of labels and trigger dates for the different generations but in general terms generational shift is calculated in twenty year blocks. So ideally Baby Boomers 1940-60, Generation X 1960-80, Generation Y 1980-2000 and Generation Z 2000-20.…

Ofsted Criteria July 2015


Ofsted’s new inspection criteria introduced the importance of ‘personal development’ and a more holistic ‘beyond the classroom’ view of the effectiveness of teaching, learning and assessment. However, the checklist on the final page is based upon a careful analysis…

The Impact Strategy


Impact is an acronym for six significant aspects of team good practice to drive high standards of teaching, learning and assessment. At its heart is the promotion of team discussion and the development of ‘autonomous’ teams who know what good…